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Seseer Mou-Danha, M.A.

I am originally from Nigeria in West Africa. After completing an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication at Bowen University, I worked professionally as a news reporter at a radio station. In a quest to evolve in knowledge and skill, I moved to the United States to pursue post-graduate degrees. I completed a masters degree at Western Michigan University and a doctoral degree at North Dakota State University. During my time at these universities, I worked in various professional roles including, student outreach coordination, program assistant for a state-sponsored tutoring grant, and communication research consultant at two non-profit organizations, at different times. I also grew as a scholar. I am a modern media effects scholar. More specifically, I examine news framing, reactions, and effects on a societal level to crisis such as terrorist attacks and natural disasters. I have taught several college classes and led workshops in public speaking, public relations strategy, intercultural communication, and media law and ethics over the past five years.

I am so excited to be here and look forward to growing, teaching, mentoring students, and serving this community with the very best that I am equipped.

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