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Stefany Sigler


Phone: 702-992-2160

Hi, I’m Stefany! I’m really excited to be living here in Las Vegas, to be working for Nevada State College, and to be working with my fantastic advising team to help LAS students reach their goals! I received my Associate of Arts degree from Joliet Junior College in 2013, where I studied criminal justice, and then transferred to Governors State University (GSU) where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I had an advisor who made my transition from community college to a four-year institution seamless and who had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally; she is one of my greatest friends and mentors to this day and inspired me to pursue my career in higher education. At GSU, I began as a dual degree program peer mentor and student transition assistant. I went on to become the graduate assistant for the Dyson Wellness Center at North Central College, where I received my Master of Leadership Studies with a concentration in higher education leadership. I have had the privilege of working with many incredible students, faculty, and staff members throughout my higher education journey and I aspire to give the students at Nevada State College the help, support, and encouragement that each of my mentors has given me.

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