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Susan Growe, DNP, RN, COI

I am a registered nurse who loves providing care to all patients. There are nursing situations in my nursing career that I will never forget, however there was this one time that felt so special to me that I want to share. I had a patient who was told he had colon cancer and that there was nothing the doctor could do for him. The doctor came out of the room and told me to go in and do my “nursing thing.” The patient sitting in the bed was not moving, in what is called a catatonic state. His wife was in a corner crying. I walked over to her and spoke with her about what was going on and if she needed anything. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to go sit with her husband and she nodded, but said she was afraid as she didn’t know if he was still alive. I explained to her what happens when the body goes into shock and that this should be temporary. We walked over to the bed together and she sat beside him. I picked up his hand and placed it on hers. As she started to rub his hand, he started to blink. He turned his head towards her and started to cry. He reached for her and hugged her. They both hugged for a long time. I left the room knowing they were going to get through this together. These nursing situations are the reason why I teach. I want Nevada State College nursing students to learn my knowledge, skills, and attitude so they can provide the compassionate care that is needed for all patients and experience their own transformational nursing situations to share with others.

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