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Timothy Malacarne, Ph.D.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania before leaving for school, where I got a Bachelor’s degree in international relations then a PhD in sociology. I taught sociology and data science at a liberal arts college in forested New England before moving to the desert to start a program in data science at Nevada State.

Academically, I study social networks and the way our lives and ideas are shaped by our connections. In addition to these topics, I love to teach courses about solving problems using data and how “scientific” statistics are created by human decisions. I am nerdily excited to talk about all of these things, so if you are interested, feel free to stop by my office and chat (even if you aren’t in my class).

Outside of class, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, paddling, watching movies and sports (especially soccer and basketball), reading fiction, half-competently building things, and exploring the amazing amount of public land that surrounds the Vegas Valley.

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