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Wendi Benson, Ph.D.

I was raised by a single father in Southern Ohio and was the first in my family to attend college. I knew that education was the key to a rewarding career, but I was unsure what career path I wanted to pursue. I started attending college at the local branch campus of Ohio University while still in high school and felt lost in a sea of scholars. Then, my social psychology class professor saw my potential and invited me to work in a psychology research lab on campus and be a statistics teaching assistant. The experience was transformational and helped me discover my passion for psychological research and teaching. With my professor’s mentorship and support, I pursued an experimental (industrial/organizational) psychology doctorate program at Washington State University (WSU), where I met another mentor who helped me sharpen my research skills through consulting projects with organizations in the Pacific Northwest. I also taught classes at WSU and quickly realized that teaching was my destiny. I loved helping students understand and apply psychological principles and was thrilled to have the opportunity to mentor students like myself.

Upon graduation, I only applied to work at teaching-focused institutions and found a perfect fit at Nevada State College. As an assistant professor of psychology, I am able to impact the lives and futures of students through fostering an appreciation and understanding of research and statistics, providing guidance on job and graduate school applications, involving students in research on campus, and recruiting and developing course assistants. I love making a difference for students who want to achieve a better future for themselves and their family through education.

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