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Zachary Woydziak, Ph.D.

I am a synthetic organic chemist by training who specializes in the development of molecules aimed to treat or better visualize diseases in cells. The research group that I’m a part of currently produces a range of antibiotic compounds (anti-tumor/anti-cancer molecules) as well as molecules that “glow” under the correct light (otherwise known as “fluorophores”). A fair amount of the research we conduct becomes incorporated into our classroom laboratory experiments, so that Nevada State College students are exposed to some of the most modern synthetic organic chemistry methods in the field.
I’ve always enjoyed and been driven to teach other students about the world of chemistry and this passion led me to pursue a pedagogical fellowship at the University of California-Irvine during my graduate studies, as well as a NIH IRACDA “teaching” post-doctoral position at the University of Kansas/Haskell University. While these experiences have been highly rewarding, I am most proud of my State students’ accomplishments, as they have authored several of the papers published from our group and have gone on to prestigious graduate, medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and veterinarian positions across the nation.

Dr. Woydziak regularly teaches: Chem 241 (Organic Chemistry I), Chem 242 (Organic Chemistry II), Chem 377 (Natural Product Chemistry) & Chem 445 (Organic Spectroscopy and Structure Determination)


Office: Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) 267

Phone: (702) 992-2656

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