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01.12.22 | Campus News | Coronavirus

Campus Announcement: CCSD Five-Day Pause

Dear Campus Community,

Clark County School District announced today that it is canceling classes from Friday, Jan. 14 until Wednesday, Jan. 19 due to “extreme staffing shortages” caused by a surge in COVID-19 cases.  We ask that all supervisors work with their teams to determine if Temporary Emergency Remote Work Accommodation is needed during this specified time. We also ask all instructional faculty to be aware the CCSD 5-day pause may affect student schedules on the first day of the semester on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

As a reminder, the College continues to work towards finalizing an Alternative Work Arrangement Policy. Pending the implementation of that policy, alternative work schedules and remote work is not authorized.

Overall, we remain steadfast in our purpose to serve our students and we are ready to pivot if the circumstances require it. We ask for your continued compassion and support as we move forward to prepare for a successful Spring ’22 semester.

Be Well!

Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard  


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