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03.29.11 | Campus News

Cultural & Educational Summer 2011 Program to Dobong, Korea


The City of Henderson has developed a great working relationship with several cities in Korea. As part of our strategic alliance agreements with them, we are working to develop new businesses and jobs in Henderson. At the same time, we have also created new educational partnerships.
Last year, the government officials of Dobong a suburb near Seoul – made a generous and very interesting offer to the residents of Henderson. They hosted (all expenses paid) six (6) college students to visit Dobong this summer.
The criteria to participate include (but not limited to):
Student must be an American citizen
Student must be fluent in spoken English
Student must be between 18 and 25 years old
Currently enrolled at a college/university for fall 2011
Be an ambassador on behalf of Henderson (must attend two briefings at City Hall prior to going to Korea and one de-briefing after returning from the Camp)
Have no serious health issues
Pass a background check
Participants will be required to execute a liability release in favor of the City of Henderson and Henderson- Korea Business Services
This 5-week program runs from June 22- July 27, 2011.
The Dobong government will pay for all travel expenses, lodging and food costs. The students will stay in a hotel (the first week for orientation) and will then be hosted by two Dobong families for the balance of the summer. All incidental expenses (gifts, souvenirs, etc) will be borne by the student.
If interested, please email the following information, on or before March 31, 2011 to be considered in our competitive pool of applicants. Oral interviews are planned for the week of April 11th.
Application for Dobong 2011; Link to: (DOC)
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