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01.30.14 | Campus News

Google Glass technology available for campus exploration

By Mandi Enger

Yet to be released to the general public, final stages of Google Glass development is being guided through the Glass Explorer Program, an opportunity for select users to purchase the optical head-mounted display technology and share feedback and ideas with Google. Staying on the forefront of emerging technology, the Nevada State College Marydean Martin Library joined the program in late December 2013, acquiring Google Glass for the campus to test and explore.
While Google Glass is more of a personal piece of technology, it can be adapted in ways to enable sharing among many users, said Ernesto Hernandez, emerging technologies librarian at the college. I look forward to working with our campus community to brainstorm uses that will enhance our learning environments online and in the classroom.
With functionality similar to a smartphone or tablet, Google Glass responds to the voice command Ok Glass to navigate through apps on the device. Basic apps provide users the ability to search online, request directions, view news or weather reports, take photos and video, post content directly to social media sites, and stream live video. The user sees the display through a small glass mounted in front of their right eye.
Initial use ideas for Google Glass on campus include the streaming of instruction from both faculty and library staff. Participating in a Google+ hangout, students would have the opportunity to view footage on their mobile devices from the vantage point of an instructor wearing Google Glass. Content could cover such material as a dissection in a biology class, a real-time review of a submitted paper, or a field-trip experience.
A Google Glass Day was held in the Marydean Martin Library on Jan. 29 for the campus to test and review the device. The technology will available on an ongoing basis for checkout by faculty and staff. On-site demonstrations will additionally be held by library staff as requested by students.
All campus participants are encouraged to share Google Glass ideas and feedback on Twitter using #NSCGlass.
For more information about Google Glass or other technology available within the Marydean Martin Library, please email or send a tweet to @NSC_Library.

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