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03.14.11 | Campus News | School of Education

Kappa Delta Pi hosts information and special guests session

School of Education students and prospective Kappa Delta Pi members attended an information and special guests session on Friday evening at the Basic and Water campus. Many students majoring in elementary and secondary education as well as speech pathology took advantage of the

opportunity to gain insight about their future profession from experts in the field.
Dr. Carrie Buck, Principal at C.T. Sewell Elementary School in Henderson, talked about empowerment schools and the importance of hiring quality teachers. We want teachers that love their field and care about our students, Dr. Buck comments. Her colleague, Ms. Holly Ratliff, Student Support Specialists, agrees. You can tell a teacher who is passionate in her teaching and it reflects in her students and classroom.
Dr. Buck described the characteristics of an effective educator the teacher must plan effective lessons that allows for mastery of standards and includes differentiated instruction for all learners. He or she must demonstrate effective classroom management, provide a variety of assessments to guide instructional practices, be flexible, and have a can-do attitude. Dr. Buck continued her session by distributing a form that outlined Danielson’s Domain. Charlotte Danielson’s Framework is the foundation of the School of Education’s teaching principles and is also used to evaluate teachers in Clark County School District.
In conclusion, Dr. Buck left the attendees with a final thought, Be a reflective educator. Learn, grow, and truly be a life-long learner.
Our next guest, Ms. Julia Bush, a counselor at Burkholder Middle School, explained the reasons to enter into the profession of teaching. Teaching is a great career choice that has so many opportunities for growth, movement, and change. As she recounted funny stories about her experience in the education field, students are offered great advice about being an educator. Ms. Bush explains, here are some of the must haves to be a good teacher sense of humor, fun personality, thick skin, healthy body and mind, balance of life, and flexibility.
Ms. Bush’s final comment to the students was Procedures, procedures, procedures have a procedure and expectation in place for everything.
At the end of the session, the School of Education students felt positive and motivated. The link between theory and practice was bridged as veterans from Clark County School District illustrated the challenges and the rewards that accompany the teaching profession.
Dr. Lori Navarrete, Dean of School of Education, was so thankful for the time these professionals took to reach out to our students. This session was

a success! The presenters were excellent and their passion and commitment for the work they do in education was contagious. She continues, they motivated our students and gave them so many good reasons to go into teaching. It was a pleasure to be in their presence.
Kappa Delta Pi is an International Honor Society in Education. The intent of KDP as a professional organization is to offer guest speaker sessions, scholarship opportunities, and community service.

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