March 20, 2020 - Nevada State College
03.20.20 | Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

Dear NSC Faculty and Staff,

The purpose of this email is to announce the latest updates as we continue to address the evolving COVID-19 health crisis.

State Announcement

Governor Sisolak’s has just announced a mandatory shutdown of nonessential businesses by midnight tonight to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. The Governor’s new order comes as the number of reported COVID-19 infections has climbed to 109 statewide as of Friday, with one death.  Let us do our part Scorpions by “Staying Home for Nevada.”


School districts have been notified to begin remote instruction beginning this Monday, March 23. As this coincides with our modified Spring Break schedule, hopefully this helps our faculty, staff, and students with children at home adjust to the changing instructional modalities.

Campus Visits

While only essential employees specifically tasked with being physically present should be on campus, there will be times when other employees must enter campus buildings during the closure.  If you have not been identified as essential for the purposes of regularly coming to the campus physical facilities, please limit your access to visits that are critically necessary. Our Facilities staff is using reports from the access control system to identify spaces that have been visited so that they can disinfect those spaces.  However, this report can only be used to generally inform staff what areas have been visited.  To assist Facilities in being as effective as possible, if you do enter a campus building, we ask that you send an email to informing him of the spaces you visited and what area of those spaces where used.  For example, “Entered LAS 122 and used the podium.”  This will keep the staff from having to disinfect the entire room.  If you would like your office disinfected, please clear off your desk and submit a KBOX ticket.

Business Operations Updates

Please read carefully the following Business Operations updates which have also been posted to the NSC Portal.

Bookstore update: At this time, the bookstore will not be open to regular customer traffic. The staff is able to answer questions and complete some transactions via phone. Textbook adoptions will continue using online resources. Please call 702-992-2340 with any questions. Additional updates regarding textbook return and regalia purchases will be forthcoming.

Water, shredding, and vending services: All have been temporarily suspended until the campus returns to regular operations. Contact Kim Smith at if your department has a different need in any of these areas.

Mail service: Campus mail will continue to be delivered to, and picked up from, the usual campus locations.  To avoid missing important correspondence, it is suggested that someone from each department visits campus one time per week to review and process incoming department mail.

Packages/Deliveries: Forward all shipping notifications showing delivery date and special considerations such as perishable, dock requirements, and other unique conditions to and copy  Facilities staff will email the recipient (if recipient name is indicated on the parcel/package) when the parcel/package is received.  Facilities staff is available in the M100 modular office for package pick up between 11:00AM and 1:00PM on weekdays. After four days, the package will be transferred to the recipient’s campus workspace and no signature will be collected. Note: the special arrangements already made for LAS lab supplies remain in effect.

Non-direct deposit paychecks: Employees receiving paper checks will receive them via mail at the home address listed in Workday. Employees utilizing direct deposit will continue to receive their pay in the usual way.

Refrigerator contents: Facilities will begin clearing out the contents of all community refrigerators on Tuesday, 3/24.  If you have any items in community refrigerators, please make an effort to remove them prior to close of business on Monday 3/23.  Facilities will return lunch bags and cleaned containers to the areas where they were picked up.  Refrigerators in personal offices will not be included in this service.  If your personal refrigerator needs this service, please submit a ticket to

Checks (incoming to the institution): The College will continue to process incoming checks.  To process, please 1) create a deposit slip, 2) email a copy of the complete deposit slip and check (front and back) to Cory McDonald at 3) inter-campus mail the physical check and deposit slip to Cory in the Bursar’s Office.

Invoice Payment: All fully-documented and approved Workday transactions completed each week by the close of business on Thursday will be included in the following Monday’s check run.

Again, thank you for everything you are doing to make the best of this unprecedented health crisis for our State and world. I wish you a safe Spring Break under trying circumstances.


Bart Patterson

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