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01.07.08 | Campus News

NSC Addresses Nevadas Rapid Growth

Henderson, Nev. – Once again, Nevada is No. 1.
Nevada has surpassed Arizona to again take its place as the fastest growing state in the country, according to statistics released Dec. 27 by the U.S. Census Bureau. And as Nevada’s population (at about 2.57 million as of July 1) continues to grow at a rapid pace a growth rate of 2.9 percent so too does its needs.
While those needs are being addressed in different ways, the objective is the same supply a talented workforce for Nevada.
Nevada State College, which caters its curriculum to support the needs of the state, was born because of the demands caused by the state’s growth.
Since 2002, Nevada State College has been serving Nevada as the second tier in a three-tiered state educational system assisting the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the University of Nevada, Reno as they position themselves to become more research-based, while working closely with the College of Southern Nevada to transition students from a two-year institution to a four-year institution and the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree.
We are both an immediate solution and a long-term solution to some important issues facing us in Nevada, said Nevada State College President Dr. Fred Maryanski, referring to the college’s emphasis on educating nurses and teachers. Our short-term impact on Nevada is our graduation of nurses and teachers, who are immediately entering the workforce. And over time, our numbers and our impact will grow substantially.
Nevada State College, which currently enrolls 2,200 students, opened its doors to students in September 2002 after the Board of Regents and the Nevada State Legislature determined the need for enhanced educational opportunities in Southern Nevada in 1997.
The college offers a low student-to-professor ratio and competitive tuition rates and provides progressive bachelor’s programs in areas such as nursing, teaching and engineering critical areas that will only demand an increased number of quality, trained professionals in the next few years, according to Doug Geinzer, founder and president of Recruiting Nevada.
Working toward the same goal of filling jobs in Nevada’s weakest points of employment with trained professionals but from a recruitment standpoint Recruiting Nevada publishes the state’s largest Nevada-specific employment Web site, RecruitingNevada.com.
Nevada was the country’s fastest growing state for almost 20 years before Arizona took its place, and now Nevada is No. 1 again, said Geinzer, who has been working on the frontline to strengthen Nevada’s economy through socially responsible recruiting since 1993. And with more than 47,000 rooms expected to be added to the Las Vegas Strip within the next five years, our rapid growth won’t slow down any time soon. In fact, it’s estimated that within a hotel/casino, there are 2.5 employees per hotel room, and an additional 1.5 jobs are created outside the hotel/casino to support that growth. Between expected growth both on and off the Strip, we estimate that more than 200,000 jobs will be created in the next five years.
Recruiting Nevada, which has also partnered with several local businesses to market career fairs attracting out-of-state jobseekers and older workers to Nevada jobs, has been credited with helping to increase Nevada’s nurse-to-patient ratio over the last four years from 520 to 547 per every 100,000 a substantial increase, as Nevada has opened more hospitals and hospital expansions than any other state.
But regardless of individual accomplishments, it’s really all about working together, Geinzer said.
Even with all the sponsors in the world, career fairs wouldn’t be successful if businesses didn’t participate through setting up booths, he said. The same is true when looking at the bigger picture. Recruiting and education are just two of the many industries that must continue to work hand in hand to efficiently serve Nevada in the best way possible, and that’s exactly what we intend to do.
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