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05.30.14 | Campus News

NSSA Installs new President, Senators, and Executive Board at Installation Ceremony

It’s been a busy year for NSSA, announced Student Activities Advisor Jerica Turek at the Nevada State Student Association (NSSA) End-of-Year banquet and Installation Ceremony. This year has been incredibly successful, with improvements in every area, she said. The organization boasts an increased number of NSSA events, a 10% higher attendance rate from last year to this year, a record number of 25 registered clubs and organizations, and improvement in the programs and services offered to students, among other accomplishments.
NSSA held its Installation Ceremony for 2014-15 NSSA Officers on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at the M Resort & Casino. Heading into its 12th year, NSSA leadership and staff plan to further the association’s growth and success, making NSSA bigger and better. The 2014-2015 NSSA Executive Board will take a particular interest in truly working for the NSC students, declared newly-installed NSSA President David Cortez-Lopez. I believe that as a team we want to facilitate the communication between the students and the administration at NSC. We want to host events that NSC students need and want. Cortez-Lopez also expressed interested in developing more athletic programs at NSC and getting the surrounding community more involved in NSC programs, events and initiatives.
In addition to installing their new members, NSSA also presented awards to its 2013-14 officers, including former NSSA President Deuvall Dorsey. I feel as if NSC and NSSA have been incredibly lucky to have been able to work under the leadership of Deuvall for the past two years, Turek shared. He came into the position with goals, dreams, and a want to make a true difference. He will leave with a strong legacy one of a president who truly took the time to listen to students, work incredibly well with the administration, and allow those in NSSA to shine while supporting them. Cortez-Lopez says he is excited to take on his new role as president, picking up where Dorsey left off. Being the newly-installed NSSA President feels incredible! All of the support I’ve received thus far adds more fuel to my fire in giving the NSC students another successful academic year, and I look forward to working with everyone in the NSC community.
The 2014-15 Executive Board will begin planning for next school year over the summer. For more information on the Nevada State Student Association, please visit http://archive.nsc.edu/nssa.asp
Meet your 2014-15 NSSA Senators
From the 0-29 credit hour group: Steve Delgado, Jessica Malone and Anabely Trejo
From the 30-59 credit hour group: Adam Gudmundson, Makalya Holman, Heather Phelps and Oxxy Portalatin
From the 60-89 credit hour group: Christian Barron, Paige Hall, Ana Karen Lujan
From the 90 and above credit hour group: Tyler McLees
Meet your 2014-15 NSSA Executive Board
Chair of Public Relations: Shawna Tracy;
Chair of Programming: Charlene Stamps;
Chair of Capital Improvement: Kyle Wilson;
Chair of Budget and Finance: Karl Falkenstein;
Secretary: Jazmine Lopez;
Vice President: Yesenia Cuevas

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