President Maryanski Presents Campus Community with Budget Update - Nevada State College
04.27.10 | Campus News

President Maryanski Presents Campus Community with Budget Update

For the past few months, budget cuts have been weighing on the minds of many within Nevada’s system of higher education. NSC is no different. President Fred Maryanski recently met with members of the campus community and updated them on the college’s budget reduction plans.
One theme became quickly evident in Maryanski’s remarks: NSC is here for the long term. There may have been speculation as to how NSC would survive these cuts, but I am happy to report that NSC will be moving forward boldly during these budget periods, said President Maryanski.
In order to meet the 6.9% reduction for the fiscal year 2010-2011, funded vacant job positions will now be cancelled. By cancelling searches for vacant positions, currently filled positions will not be impacted. While budget reductions have been made across the board on campus, NSC’s scholarship fund has remained untouched. In fact, scholarship funding rose 21.18%, as the increase in student fees over FY 08-09 went directly into the scholarship fund.
NSC has been using an Executive Budget Committee over the past two years to balance the institution’s budget. This 19-member committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff. The committee took into consideration many factors during the development of the latest reduction plans. The factors included previous budget reductions and current conditions, including vacant positions, anticipated cost increases, which include the potential of future budget reductions.
Speaking to the commitment of the institution’s faculty and staff, President Maryanski remarked, I am proud you live our mission and provide our students with the opportunity for success.
Despite various higher education budget cuts over the past few years, perhaps the greatest testament of NSC’s strength as a competitive institution of higher learning was demonstrated in the enrollment numbers presented during the meeting. NSC has experienced an astounding 26% growth rate over last spring, bringing the institution’s headcount to 2,634, a huge leap from NSC’s enrollment of 177 students in 2002.
Looking to the future, President Maryanski shared with faculty and staff gathered that the college will be presenting its Master Plan at the June Board of Regents meeting.

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