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TEAS Testing

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAStm) is required for all students applying to the regular or part-time nursing programs.

  • NSC TEAS will be proctored remotely – Students should review the ATI TEAS ONLINE REMOTE PROCTORED EXAM WEBPAGE prior to submitting the TEAS application.
  • Students will only have 3 attempts to take the ATI TEAS test at Nevada State College. Any attempt afterwards will have to be done through ATI or by other means.
  • There are no wait periods between test attempts.
  • The total number of TEAS Exam attempts and time between varies by program. If applying to the NSC Nursing program, the School of Nursing requires a 30 day window in-between each attempt. Please reach out to the program or academic advising office for further questions.
  • Testers are required to show Photo ID.
  • Calculators are not allowed. ATI has integrated a calculator within the exam.
  • Scores are available immediately following testing. We will not accept requests to print test scores.
  • If testing is done through NSC, scores will be sent to the School of Nursing automatically. If taken at any other location scores must be transferred to the School of Nursing.

How to Register for TEAS with NSC:

ATI TEAS Testing Dates

Test Format: Remote             Application Term: Spring 2023

Test Date

July 01, 2022

Payment Due Before 06/29/2022

Test Date

July 15, 2022

Payment Due Before 07/13/2022

Test Date

July 29, 2022

Payment Due Before 07/27/2022

Test Date

August 12, 2022

Payment Due Before 08/10/2022

Test Date

August 26, 2022

Payment Due Before 08/24/2022

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