The Scorpion Path

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At Nevada State, we define “student success” in terms of both the quality of the educational experience and the attainment of a degree. The successful student is necessarily one who graduates, but it also is one who undergoes a transformative experience on their path to graduation, obtaining the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to achieve career success, realize an improved quality of life, and make meaningful contributions to our surrounding community.  

The Scorpion Path illustrates how Nevada State helps our unique student population achieve this definition of success. It examines the entire student pathway from pre-admissions to the attainment of a degree (and beyond) and describes how the full constellation of our efforts converge at critical points along that pathway to maximize the likelihood of a success experience.

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The Scorpion Path: Overview Copy

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    Excellent Teaching and Learning

To ensure that students receive a transformative learning experience grounded in best practices, we need to hire exceptional instructors, provide regular professional development, and continue to hold excellent teaching as one of our highest values.

    Superb Programs

To ensure that an NS degree opens doors to lifelong success, we need to offer strong academic programs that impart critical disciplinary knowledge and skills and are responsive to community needs and workforce demands.

    Academic Efficacy

To ensure that students acquire the academic tools and know-how to navigate to degree completion, we need to provide comprehensive academic support services while maximizing the utilization of these offerings.

  Advising & Degree Pathway Support

To ensure that our students make timely progress toward degree completion, we must provide proactive advising support, strategic retention efforts, and degree pathways that chart an accessible, predictable, and reliable pathway to graduation.

  Career Support

To ensure that students can identify a career that has high value to them and acquire the tools to pursue it effectively, we need to provide comprehensive and ongoing career support that increases student efficacy in forging their own post-graduate success. .

  Financial Support

To ensure that students can afford to earn this degree, they need to have a solid foundation of financial literacy and robust financial support in relation to the cost of our education.

  Sense of Belonging

To ensure that our students have confidence in their self-image as a college student and college graduate, we need to establish a strong sense of community and belonging. 


To ensure that students can turn to someone for help with fundamental – and non-academic – life needs, we need to offer a variety of wellness supports.

  Student Life & Engagement

To ensure that a Nevada State education is enjoyable and provides a well-rounded experience, we need to provide a wealth of student life and engagement opportunities that develop the whole person.

The Scorpion Path: Student Life & Engagement

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    Student Life & Engagement

To ensure that the path to degree attainment is enjoyable and provides a well-rounded experience, we provide a wealth of student life and engagement opportunities that strive to develop the whole person. These opportunities include both active efforts to engage students (e.g., events, incentive programs) and passive opportunities for them to connect with the campus on their own (e.g., a student lounge; study spaces).


Key Elements and Contributors

1. Support physical resources that facilitate student engagement with the campus and each other (e.g., a student lounge; game room; study spaces).

    • Office of Student Life
    • Nevada State Student Alliance
    • Facilities

2. Ensure that all student life/engagement events are outcome-driven with measurable goals (and experiential learning, where possible), ensuring that student life programming supports our mission.

    • Office of Student Life

3. Provide a range of activities throughout the year encourage recreation and social engagement.

    • Office of Student Life
    • Nevada State Student Alliance
    • Dean of Students

4. Support the formation and maintenance of student clubs and organizations.

    • Office of Student Life

5. Host a formative orientation experience that provides students with engaging opportunities to forge connections with each other and relevant campus constituents (e.g., peer mentors; faculty; advisors; student leadership).

    • Nevada State Student Alliance
    • Orientation
    • Office of Student Life