Career & Internship Expo

Spring 2023 Career & Internship Expo

Tuesday March 28 & Wednesday March 29, 2023

NSC’s annual Career & Internship Expo is hosted by the Career Services Center. Each year 50+ registered employers come to campus to meet with current students and alumni to network and share their open job and internship opportunities! Even if you aren’t currently looking for employment, we encourage all students to attend to explore their options and make connections in their career field of interest. This event is open to all current NSHE students and alumni. This includes ALL majors and class levels (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).

The Spring 2023 Career Expo will be held in-person in Roger’s Student Center (RSC) over 2 days on Tuesday March 28th and Wednesday March 29th, 2023 with various Career industries highlighted each day for a more tailored experience! More details to come early February.

Career Industry Clusters

Tuesday March 28th

Government / Public Service

Business & Data

Media & Design

Wednesday March 29th

Social / Community Service


Physical & Life Science

Before the event…

To find out more about our events leading up to the Expo to help you prepare, go to Scorpion Central at

To make an appointment with our office to speak with a Career Advisor, go to the Penji app.

Student & Alumni Information

Why attend the Career & Internship Expo?

Networking Opportunities – Did you know that over 50% of all job offers come through networking? Even if you aren’t currently looking for a job or internship, the Career Expo is a great place to network and begin making connections in your career field of interest. Talking with employers will give you the opportunity to hear their expert advice on how to stand out in your field, how to make yourself a competitive applicant to openings at their company or similar companies, and serve as a resource for future career field insights.

Learn About Job Opportunities in Your Industry – Most industries have multiple entry level opportunities. The Expo is a chance to explore these entry level options and to talk with employers about what makes an ideal employee for those positions. You may also find some less than obvious job opportunities that would fit your education and goals.

Learn How To & Get Comfortable With Presenting Your Professional Side – The first time you walk up to a potential employer, you will feel a bit nervous. For some, it may be the hardest thing they have ever done. You need to get comfortable with introducing yourself and distributing your resume. Each time you approach an employer, you get more comfortable presenting yourself in a professional manner. If you get an interview through an online job search, you need to be able to present yourself in a professional manner – and the Expo is a great place to practice that.

Land a Job or Internship – If you make a good impression, you may end up with an interview right on the spot. Even if they don’t interview you immediately, they will take your resume and get back to you at a later time; The more contacts you make, the more opportunities you will have to land a job or internship. Additionally, many students who attend this event, and especially those who meet with Career Services to prepare before the event to have their resumes reviewed and receive interview advice, will walk away with interviews scheduled!

How to Prepare for the Expo

Make an appointment or visit us in RSC 128 for Expo Prep Drop-In Hours on Fri March 24 and Mon March 27 from 9am – 5pm to:

  • Update Your Resume & Print Off Copies

An updated and professional resume is the most essential tool for networking, landing job interviews and making a positive impression with employers (especially those you want to consider you for their open positions). If you meet with a Career Advisor to have your resume reviewed and updated, our office will print off up to 5 free copies of your resume! 

  • Develop & Practice Your “Elevator Pitch”

You’ll only have a short time to speak to the company representative, so you want to have your elevator pitch ready. An elevator pitch is a 30 to 60 second brief about yourself that may include your career history and interests, strongest skills, relevant extracurricular activities and any academic achievements worth mentioning. 

  • Practice Answering Basic Questions

A recruiter may want to ask you basic questions about yourself, your skills and your job history. Be prepared with your answers by reviewing your resume and speaking with a Career Advisor.

  • Research Employer Attendees

Review our list of employer attendees for each day and identify which companies you want to speak to at the event. Review their mission, their values and culture. Also look at what types of roles the company is currently hiring for or typically hires for so you can speak with the company representative at the event about them.

  • Attend Career & Internship Expo Prep Events hosted by Career Services

CSC will be hosting various events to help students prepare for the Career & Internship Expo in the weeks leading up to the event. These events include but are not limited to:

FREE Headshots on February 15

Rootbeer Floats & Resume Workshop on February 22

Career Resource Fair featuring Career Closet Pop-Up and Rapid Resume Reviews hosted by CSC & CEDI on March 7

Career Expo Masterclass on March 14

Mock Interviews on March 15

FREE Headshots on March 16

Scorpion Saturday – Career Closet Pop-Up and Rapid Resume Reviews on March 25

For more information on these events and others hosted by CSC, visit Scorpion Central at beengaged.nsc.eduStudents will receive additional prize drawing slips at the event for attending 1 or more event hosted by CSC prior to the expo. See Event Prizes & Giveaways drop-down for more information.

  • Find an outfit to wear that is professional and helps you feel confident!

Career Closet Pop-Ups

CSC is happy to announce that we are now offering FREE* career wear to students starting in Spring 2023 at our designated Career Closet Pop-Up events:

Career Resource Fair featuring Career Closet Pop-Up and Rapid Resume Reviews hosted by CSC & CEDI on March 7

Scorpion Saturday – Career Closet Pop-Up and Rapid Resume Reviews on March 25

Career Panel featuring Career Closet Pop-Up and Rapid Resume Reviews hosted by CSC & CEDI on April 18

*Outfits are limited to 1 per student per academic year.

 JCPenney Suit-Up Event!

Looking for professional dress attire? Attend the Virtual JCPenney Scorpion Suit Up Event now until Saturday, April 30. To attend this virtual event, simply text SCORPION to 67292 to receive a 30% off coupon to use in stores or online. This coupon can be used on top of 30%-50% off sale prices on select men’s and women’s career dress apparel, shoes, and accessories. This event is open to NSC students, alumni, family, and faculty/staff! (Note: JCPenney typically has bigger sales on professional dress items on Saturdays and Sundays, so we advise using your coupon code on the weekend to get even steeper discounts!)

Day-Of Expo


  1. Bring at least 5 copies of your updated resume to share with employers if actively searching for jobs/internships or want to be considered for future opportunities.
  2. Bring some kind of folder to save information sheets and business cards (and to keep your resumes wrinkle-free).
  3. Dress for success! Make sure you are wearing business casual or business professional clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. Confidence is key!
  4. Introduce yourself with a handshake (if comfortable). Handshakes are a long-standing tradition in networking events such as the Expo. If an employer goes to shake your hand and you are uncomfortable with shaking hands due to health concerns, just let them know and offer to elbow tap instead to prevent the spreading of germs.
  5. Be ok with being uncomfortable! We know it can be nerve wracking to walk up and introduce yourself, but it’ll never get better unless you try. These employers have also been in your shoes before and want to connect with you which they can’t do unless you talk to them.
  6. Challenge yourself to talk to as many employers as possible. You never know what kind of connection you could make or if you could meet your mentor.


  1. Go up to employers and just ask them to fill out your event passport to enter in for prizes (that is considered rude). You need to network and engage with them to get them to mark their spot on your passport.
  2. Bring a resume that is several pages long; remember that your resume is your commercial — not your autobiography. A carefully crafted rssums illustrates your ability to showcase your strongest qualities and experiences that are of interest to employers.
  3. Text or scroll on your phone while interacting with employers.
  4. Avoid eye contact and speak quietly; speak clearly and distinctly. There will be lots of background noise. If eye contact makes you uncomfortable, look at the recruiter’s nose. No one will know the difference.

First-Timer Expo Tours

An First-Timer Expo tour is a guided experience in a small group setting. The tour is a way for students to casually engage in the event in a structured environment that teaches them what to expect at employer events.

Tour groups will consist of no more than 10 students and will last 20 – 30 mins in length. Each tour will stop at 3 employer tables. The tour guide will engage students in understanding how to utilize event materials and resources, how to effectively communicate with employer attendees and how to make the most out of their experience after the event.

*You do not need to be a first-time attendee in order to sign-up for a tour. We encourage first-time attendees to sign up, especially Freshman and Sophomore students. Any student is welcome to navigate the event on their own. Tours are limited to current NSC students.

To sign up for a tour time, please fill out the Career & Internship Expo RSVP Form. Students can also sign-up the day of if open spots are available.

Event Prizes & Giveaways

Students who attend the event will have the opportunity to enter their name in for a random prize drawing! We will be giving away:

  • “New Professional” Kits
  • Tablet
  • Fujifilm Polaroid Camera
  • … and more!

Students will receive prize drawing slips based on the number of employer attendees they speak to and network with. Additionally, students can earn extra prize drawing slips for:

  • Attending any event hosted or co-hosted by Career Services prior to the Expo (1 per event)
  • Completing an appointment with a CSC Career Advisor between January 22 – March 28 (1 per appointment; 3 max)
  • Attending our Career & Internship Expo Drop-In Hours (1 per drop-in occurrence; 2 max)

Additional entries are limited to 5 per student. To see more information on events, how to make an appointment or view our drop-in hours, navigate to the How to Prepare for Expo dropdown.


  • Students must physically attend the event in order to enter in for random prize drawings.
  • Students must first engage with at least 3 employers at the event before claiming additional prize drawing slips. Prize drawings slips will not be given without first engaging with employers at the event.
  • Prizes are limited to current NSC students and alumni.
  • Winners will be contacted directly to pick up their prize. Prizes will need to be picked up ON-CAMPUS.

NSC Faculty & Staff Information

All NSC Faculty & Staff are welcome to attend this event individually to network with local employers.

Alternatively, if you are teaching a class during the time of the event on either Tuesday March 28th or Wednesday March 29th, we are asking you encourage students to attend by:

  • Taking the last 15-30 minutes of class to physically walk students over to the event
  • Assigning class credit or extra credit for attendance (assignment template)

If you are unable to assign class credit or take students to the event during your class time, you can also:

  • Request a short 15 min presentation from CSC in-class in the weeks leading up to the expo
  • Re-post information about the event to your office/department social media pages (Instagram: @nsccareer, Facebook: Nevada State College Career Services Center)

Employer Information

If you are an employer interested in attending this event, please reach out to our office directly by emailing or calling 702.992.2611. Career Services reserves the right to deny participation if the opportunity does not appear to support the best interest of the students and/or college.

Registration fee: $100.00 for non-profit/government, $125.00 for for-profit. Registration fee includes (1) 6′ table, 2 chairs, catered lunch for up to 2 employees and exclusive Nevada State swag. We can loan tablecloths and extension cords on the day of the event free of charge.

We will review all requests that come in and reach back out within 24-72 business hours. We will be closing registration on March 3rd, 2023.

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Our Vision

Nevada State will deliver on its promise to Nevada by becoming a model of teaching excellence, a pioneer in innovative student support, and an agent of economic growth and social justice.

Our Mission

At Nevada State, excellence fosters opportunity. Excellence in teaching leads to innovative, technology-rich learning opportunities that promote the acquisition of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. Quality, affordable four-year degree programs open the door to career success and enhanced quality of life for a diverse population of students. Our graduates, in turn, foster the greatest opportunity – the promise of a stronger community and a better future for all of Nevada.



Embrace the Journey

We foster a culture of high-achieving teams and empower individuals to be the difference.


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If we think there is a better way, we look at the research, trust our instincts and try it.


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Diversity is our strength. We treat each other with care and respect and help one another be successful.


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We aspire to be experts in transforming the lives of our students and their families. We strive toward excellence in our jobs and advancement in our careers.

Why Nevada State?

What if you went to work each day knowing your efforts are a part of something greater, a place where educational excellence is accessible and offered to a diverse population of students. We take pride in our employees, and they are the reason why Nevada State is such a great place to work at.




Join Nevada State. We are an affordable four-year degree college with a commitment to educating our diverse students for success in the real world.


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All Nevada State and Nevada System of Higher Education employees, as well as anyone with access to NSHE’s Workday system, must apply as an internal candidate in Workday. Log on to Workday and search Find Jobs.




You and your family will get access to excellent medical, dental and vision insurance options.


Vacation? Sick Time? On top of 11 paid holidays, relax with vacation time that way you can spend it anyway you want. If you get sick, we make sure you are covered with sick leave.


Being apart of Nevada State, you will get discounted access to several products and services.


Tuition assistance at NSHE (Nevada State Higher Education) institutions is available for both employees and their dependents.

Meet Our #ScorpionFamily


“I have been teaching at NSC for over 13 years and love being a part of the Scorpion culture. We have a wonderful group of faculty who share ideas in teaching so we all can make our classes better. Our small classes allow the freedom for students to learn a little bit of who they are and actually get to know faculty who might end up becoming a life long mentor to them.”


Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

“I first started working for Nevada State College as a student worker in the Course Assistant Program. The experience was amazing because it allowed me to continue practicing subject content, taught me how to be a better student, and was on-campus for work, so very convenient. I loved working for the college so much, that I applied for a full time, classified position.”


Administrative Assistant

Hiring Timeline

Want to learn more about how we hire and what to expect when you apply?


Candidates have greater success when their experience strongly matches our job requirements, so make sure the skills and achievements on your resume are closely aligned to the job description.

Step 2

Our positions have a minimum posting requirement before it can be released to a search committee.

Step 3

Resumes are screened for minimum qualifications and diversity is monitored ensuring a diverse pool of candidates have applied for the position.

Step 4

Once the position is deep enough and wide enough, the candidate pool is released to a search committee.

Step 5

Steps will vary by department and position but typically include: phone interview, in-person interview, and reference checks.

Step 6

If you are selected and NSC is fit for you on your end, an offer will be made by the hiring manager.

Henderson Living

The city of Henderson is nestled among three of the most distinguished man-made attractions – the famous “Strip”, Hoover Dam, and the tranquil beauty of Lake Mead.

The second-largest city in Nevada, it is most recognized by its amazing trails, parks, communities. Henderson has been recognized as one of America’s Best Cities (Business Week), one of the safest cities in America (Forbes,, Law Street Media,


Nevada State College is committed to providing a place of work and learning free of discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability (whether actual or perceived), religion, age, sex/gender (including pregnancy related conditions), sexual orientation, gender identify or expression, genetic information, or veteran status in the programs or activities which it operates. Where discrimination is found to have occurred, NSC will act to stop the discrimination, to prevent it recurrence, to remedy its effects, and to discipline those responsible.

The following individual has been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination at NSC and is responsible for coordinating compliance efforts concerning, Executive Order 11246, Title VI and Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Title II of the American with Disabilities Act, and The Age Discrimination Act of 1990:

Eric Gilliland

Director of Human Resources
1300 Nevada State Drive, Henderson, NV 89002 RSE 312
Phone: 702.992.2322


Does NSC assist with relocation expenses?

Depending on the level and type of role, we may offer location packages to out-of-town candidates.

Does NSC offer visas or work permits?

NSC does not offer visas or work permits.

How do I apply for a job at NSC?

Thank you for your interest in working for the home of the Scorpions! External candidates can visit Internal candidates employed at any of the NSHE institutions (UNLV, CSN, etc.) must apply through their workday portal by typing “Find Jobs” in the search bar. NSHE employees who complete an application outside of the internal process, will have their application returned and they will have to reapply as an internal candidate to be considered for the position.

What benefits do you offer?

We have great benefits that we offer to all full-time staff. Please go to our benefits page to explore our benefits.

What should I expect during the recruitment and interview process?

This process assists us in getting to know you, and for you to learn more about the culture and the people here at NSC. We are a public institution and there are certain requirements that we must meet before the process can move forward. We strive to keep the process moving forward as quickly as possible.

What will my career progression look like at NSC?

Being named the second fastest growing institution in the nation, there is plenty of room for growth and opportunity.

Where can I find the College’s Policies?

Our college policies can be found here:

Human Resources

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Dedicated to Your Success

We’re some of the first people you meet as a successful employment applicant with Nevada State College. As Human Resources professionals we are striving to move beyond policy enforcers to become strategic partners. We are focused on creating practices that allow employees to contribute their very best and realize their full potential.


Quick Links

Careers at Nevada State

Learn more about working at Nevada State College.

Institutional Equity & Title IX

Learn about our Institutional Equity and Title IX policies.

Employee Benefits

We offer our employees a variety of discounts and offers.

Employee Assistance Program

Assisting employees to address personal everyday challenges.

Employee Verifications

Employment verifications, wage verifications, and public service loan forgiveness requests.

Employment Law Posters

Law posters to help maintain ongoing compliance with posting requirements.

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Thank you for visiting Nevada State College’s Office of Human Resources web page. We are committed to developing and maintaining a high performance workforce that is rich in diversity, dedicated to continuous improvement, and focused on student success. It is our goal to sustain a work environment that maximizes employee satisfaction, promotes professional development, encourages input, and values expertise.

If you share in these commitments, are dedicated to student success, and seek opportunities to build and grow an incredible institution, I encourage you to consider Nevada State College as an employer of choice.

To learn more about Nevada State College and see what it means to be part of the Scorpion Family, and to apply for current job openings, please click the “Careers” link above.


Eric J. Gilliland

Associate Vice President of Human Resources



Eric Gilliland

Associate Vice President

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