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This webpage will be undergoing maintenance Academic Year 2022-2023.

Fall 2022 Events

Check out our Fall 2022 events calendar! To RSVP or learn more, go to Scorpion Central at and log in with your student credentials.

Services Available for Current Students

When you make an appointment or attend an event, Career Services can assist you with every point of your career journey including:

  • Exploration: Exploring Careers, Exploring Nevada State Majors
  • Application Material Review: Resumes/CV, Cover Letters, Reference Pages
  • Interviewing Skills: Best Interview Practices, Mock/Simulation Interviews with Real-Time Feedback
  • Job Searching: Where to find positions (Handshake & LinkedIn), on-campus job search
  • Hands-On Learning: Searching & Applying for Internships & Volunteer roles
  • Grad / Pre-Professional School: Choosing, reviewing and comparing programs, understanding program prerequisites, how to get letters of recommendation
  • and more! Just let us know what we can help you with.

Come See Us!

Career Advising Appointment Hours

*At this time we do not accept drop-ins due to staff capacity. Please also be aware that our appointments usually book out 1-2 weeks in advance.

Starting August 22, the Career Services Center will be implementing extended advising hours! Appointments can be made via zoom or in-person in RSC 128 (down hallway across from bookstore).

  • Mon, Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm
  • Tues, Wed 9am-6pm
  • Every other Saturday from 10am-2pm
    • Aug 27, Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 8, Oct 22, Nov 5, Nov 19, Dec 3

New Appointment Scheduling Platform

The CSC now uses Penji for appointment scheduling. The Writing Center and Academic Success Center (tutoring) will also be using Penji this Fall. All NSC students already have an account through their NSHE ID. Click the button below to be directed to schedule an appointment. If you prefer to make appointments on your cell phone, Penji also has an app that is free to download on Google Play or Apple Store! Click here for student user Penji FAQs.

Appointment Attendance Policy

The CSC does have an attendance policy for appointments. If you have an appointment but need to reschedule or cancel, you can call our office at (702) 992-2611 or email before the appointment has started if possible.

Student Responsibilities

When utilizing CSC services and attending events hosted by CSC, students are expected to:

  1. Understand that career advising is reciprocal; you get out what you put in.
  2. Understand that Career Advisors cannot make decisions for you. They can provide guidance on career-related choices, but it is ultimately up to you to make decisions regarding your career journey.
  3. Understand that Career Advisors are not here to “make” any materials for you. They provide instruction and guidance on how to construct resumes, cover letters, reference pages, and more utilizing best practices, but you are required to create these documents yourself. Asking a Career Advisor to “write your resume for you” is plagiarsm.

On Demand Resources

For many on-demand resources including handouts and worksheets on resumes, cover letters, internships, grad school and more you can navigate to our Outlook Sharepoint. From there, you can view, download and save resources to your own device!

In addition to handouts and worksheets, students also have access to the following virtual platforms at any time:

Interview Practice – Big Interview

Big Interview is an online interview preparation system that combines training and mock interview practice to help improve interview skills and build confidence. To access, go to

If you are a first time user:

  • Click on Register
  • You will be prompted to enter your name, email address and password (we suggest using your student email and NSC password)
  • Enter organization code: Scorpion1300
  • Click Create My Account 
  • A new page will open and you will click Login
  • Enter the email and password you used to create the account

Online Job Board for College Students – Handshake

Handshake is NSC’s online internship and job board for students. All students already have an account with Handshake! To access go to

  • To log on, go to, click NSC Login
  • Enter your NSHE ID# and NSC password associated with your student accounts

Major & Career Assessments – Focus2

Focus2 is an online major/career exploration and planning tool. To access go to

If you are a first time user:

  • To access, go to and click on Register
  • You will be prompted to enter your name, email address, a username and password (we suggest using your student email and NSC password)
  • Enter access code: Scorpion1300
  • When all fields are filled out, click Continue to finish your account registration

Identity-Based Career Resources

Undocumented Students (with or without DACA/TPS)

Justice-Impacted Students

Coming soon

First – Generation Students

Coming soon

LGBTQIA+ Students

Coming soon

Employer and Community Partners

Welcome! Nevada State’s Career Services Center looks forward to assisting you in connecting with students, developing branding efforts, and recruiting on campus. There are a variety of ways to help your organization stand out and gain the attention of our students. To find out more information on how to get involved and help us understand how to best meet the needs of your organization, please email or call 702-992-2611 and we will be happy to assist.

Benefits of engaging with students through Career Services:

  • Increase visibility of job/internship opportunities
  • Build long-term brand awareness
  • Connect with eager individuals looking to showcase their talents
  • Build student and faculty/staff campus networks
  • Recruit individuals with fresh knowledge and skills

Nevada State Recruiting Guidelines

All guidelines are subject to change at Nevada State Career Services Center’s discretion. Privileges for recruiting at Nevada State may be revoked at any time if the Career Services Center feels that any illegal or inappropriate actions are taken from an organization or if an organization no longer follows our recruiting guidelines.

Nevada State Recruiting Guidelines

Student Engagement

1. Campus Wide Engagement / Recruitment

On-Campus Tabling

Throughout the year, the Career Services Center coordinates tabling opportunities for employers in our high-traffic student center. If you are interesting in tabling, please contact our office for more information. Tabling at this time is free for employers. However, availability is limited each semester to specific dates. For more information, contact our office.

Career Fairs

Every year the Career Services Center hosts at least one major Career Fair in the Spring semester. If you are interested in attending, please contact our office for more information on dates, pricing, and availability.

2.Small Group Engagement

Student Clubs/Orgs

Student organizations can provide students with the opportunity to complement classroom learning and develop social and professional skills that are beneficial in the workplace. Organizations can increase their visibility across campus and engage with students by connecting with students org leadership, volunteering time to attend and speak at a student org event, or even sponsor a registered student organization, their events, competitions, and other functions. We can introduce you to representatives of student organizations and help get the conversation started.

Classroom Projects/Presentations

Classroom projects/presentations can provide your organization the opportunity to interact directly with students to provide your experience and expertise or who can help your organization work on developing innovative solutions to real-world challenges. If you are interested in partnering with some of our faculty members to collaborate on classroom projects or connect directly with students, please contact our office.


3.Experiential Learning



Nevada State offers students the option to complete internships with and without academic credit, depending on their program of study. For more information on how to partner with us to offer your internship opportunity to Nevada State students, please go to our internship webpage: and go to the “Employers” tab.

If you have an internship you want to share to our students, you are welcome to send any marketing materials to Should your opportunity meet our recruiting guidelines, we can post it to our physical job/internship/volunteer board on-campus and to our social media pages.

*Due to the volume of requests we receive, it is not guaranteed that we are able to post your opportunity.


Micro-internships (also sometimes called micro-work experiences) are short-termpaidprofessional projects that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. Unlike traditional internships, Micro-Internships can take place year-round, ranging from 5 to 40 hours of work and are most often completed between one week and one months’ time. Micro-Internships are facilitated via the Parker Dewey platform, which connects current students and alumni with companies in need of support. Through micro-internships, you can share your time and expertise with the NSC community and show students how their classroom experiences connect to careers. And not only will you help current students and recent graduates gain experience and build valuable networks, but you will also get some work off your to-do list.

You will need to create an account through Parker Dewey in order to post your micro-internship. Parker Dewey does vet all micro-internship postings. If want to specifically recruit and hire NSC students for Micro-internships, make sure to select Nevada State College in the “Schools” section on your postings.

*Please note that the Parker Dewey platform is maintained by Parker Dewey. Nevada State does not have the ability to approve or post your micro-internships to this platform. All questions regarding what opportunities may be eligible/considered a micro-internship and how to get your opportunities approved must be directed to Parker Dewey.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is often a great way for students to gain experience, build their resume, and network on a flexible schedule. Volunteer opportunities can be posted through Handshake. Handshake is Nevada State’s only digital job/internship and volunteer board for students and alumni. If you don’t already have a Handshake account, contact our office to learn how to set one up and start posting your opportunities. CSN and UNLV also use Handshake. Employers can connect with as many schools as they like when they create an account. Due to the pandemic and rising cost of living, volunteer recruitment may be difficult at this time.

If you want to reach more students regarding your opportunity, you are welcome to send any marketing materials to Should your opportunity meet our recruiting guidelines, we can post it to our physical job/internship/volunteer board on-campus and to our social media pages.

*Due to the volume of requests we receive, it is not guaranteed that we are able to post your opportunity.


4. Digital Engagement


Post Job/Internship to Handshake

Handshake is Nevada State’s only digital job/internship board for students and alumni. When students are looking for jobs/internships, this is the first place they are directed. If you don’t already have a Handshake account, contact our office to learn how to set one up and start posting your opportunities. **CSN and UNLV also use Handshake. Employers can connect with as many schools as they like when they create an account.

Social Media Features

Employers can request that their job/internship opportunities or organization be featured on Career Services’ social media platforms.

*Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we may not be able to accommodate every request.

Career Services Newsletter

Each month the Career Services Center sends out a newsletter that features employers, job/internship and volunteer opportunities and upcoming career-related events. Employers can request to have their organization, job/internship opportunities and career-related events featured.

*Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we may not be able to accommodate every request.

Financial Engagement

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Sponsoring events, programs and initiatives hosted by the Career Services Center is a great way to build brand awareness and engagement with the Nevada State community. For sponsorship opportunities outside of Career Services, please contact Institutional Advancement at (702) 992-2377.

Give to Scholarships

Organizations that want to support students in their academic pursuits can consider donating gift funds to undergraduate scholarships:

More information coming AY23.


The Career Services Center works to educate and support current students and alumnx in navigating their career development journey by providing curated resources, programming and advising. As a state institution of higher education, we prepare the new majority of students for career success and economic mobility to support the needs of the Nevada workforce and be able to give back to their communities.


We believe…

  1. Career development is a journey; it is a life-long process that doesn’t end at graduation.
  2. Career advising and support is a reciprocal relationship; students get out what they put in.
  3. Through utilizing our services, students will gain a better understanding of their professional skills, interests and available career pathways, thus feeling more knowledgeable about their options and more confident in their career decisions and overall career journey.
  4. All students and alumnx, regardless of immigration status, racial/ethnic identity, gender identity, etc. deserve access to equitable resources and support through our office.
  5. Any student who graduates from Nevada State has access to our career support and advising for life.
  6. Hands-on learning and professional workforce experiences reinforce the academic and professional development process by providing opportunities for direct application of skills, theories and models learned in the classroom.
  7. Career development is a collaborative effort with other campus stakeholders in order to effectively support and reinforce career competencies (NACE) both in and out of the classroom to create career-ready graduates.
  8. Fostering positive relationships with local employers and community leaders provides meaningful professional experiences and connections for students while also creating a pipeline of qualified candidates for the Southern Nevada workforce.
  9. Students who utilize our services and apply the tools and knowledge gained from career advising to their own journey can expect to be successful in the workforce upon graduation by securing gainful employment within 6 months of their graduation date.

Anti-Racist Statement

Our department recognizes that racism is pervasive in our society and that no part of it is exempt, including the systems of higher education and the workforce. While we cannot single-handedly control the actions, behaviors and opinions of the existing workforce, we can work to dismantle racist practices and beliefs within our sphere of influence. We do this by curating and tailoring career resources and services for marginalized populations that  help students navigate the challenges they may experience within our institution and in the workforce. We empower students to be change agents throughout their career journey by continuously challenging social and systemic norms within their own work cultures when they can do so safely.

We aim to provide our employer partners with the right tools to identify, discuss, and challenge racist beliefs, practices, and norms that may be present in their workplace cultures and educate on the workforce needs of the new majority so that they may become employers of choice for our Nevada State students and graduates.

Reporting & Statistics

Nevada State Graduate Statistics


May 2022 Graduates

Coming soon.

Meet Your Career Services Center Staff

Kaytee Johns

Interim Director

Kaytee currently serves as the Interim Director for Career Services and also supports NSC’s Internship Program and advises all students interested in pursuing internships. She has an M.S. in College Student Personnel Administration and a B.A. in Sociology/Women’s Studies. Kaytee is originally from Minnesota and has been at NSC since June 2021.

Lizbeth Vega-Santiago

Administrative Assistant

Lizbeth serves the Administrative Assistant for the Career Services Center and the Office of Student Life where she supports many core functions to help our offices run smoothly. She is an alumna of NSC ’21 with a B.A. in Deaf Studies. Lizbeth has been with NSC as a full-time employee since March ’22 and we are excited to have her with us back on campus!

LeLycia Henderson-Ray

Freshman & Sophomore Career Advisor

LeLycia “Ley”, serves as a Career Advisor and primarily works with first and second year students to provide career advising as well as helping to coordinate CSC events across campus. has her M.S. in School Counseling and B.A. in Psychology, both from San Diego State. Ley is originally from Southern California and has been at NSC since Fall 2020.

Currently Vacant

Coordinator of Employer Relations

Kyah King

Junior, Senior & Alumnx Career Advisor

Kyah serves as a Career Advisor and primarily works with third and fourth year students to provide career advising as well as helping to coordinate CSC events across campus. She has both an M.Ed. and an M.S. in Human Resource Management as well as a B.A. in Psychology. Kyah is originally from Illinois and has been at NSC since Jan 2022.

Currently Vacant

Internship Manager

Office Information:

  • Location: Roger’s Student Center Suite 128 (first floor hallway across from bookstore)
  • Phone: (702) 992-2611
  • Email:
  • Operating Hours Fall 2022: M/Th/Fr 8:00am-5:00pm, Tu/Wed 8:00am-6:00pm