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THE Experience Copy

THE Experience
What is THE Experience?

It’s a program we’re piloting this fall to encourage and celebrate your progress toward a degree. It will include extra leadership opportunities (if you want them!), extra celebrations (like the Half-Cap Ceremony), and extra incentives from NSC to continue on your college journey. (Networking, mingling, employment opportunities, employers)

How long will it last?

You can participate throughout your sophomore and junior year. It’s not mandatory, so you can leave the program any time you’d like.

What does it require of me?

There is no cost to you. However, this will require some of your time, including some possible evenings. We’ll be hosting events, having meetings, supporting one another, etc. As a pilot, we’ll be working on determining the specific requirements. For now, let’s say one to three hours a week.

I’m interested in leadership opportunities. How might this help?

We’ll be recruiting Student Ambassadors from this program, which is a terrific leadership role for students. We’re developing this program, so we’ll have more information about this role soon. If you are interested, you may want to ask your friends about student ambassadors.

What is the Half-Cap Ceremony?

This is a ceremony that recognizes you for completing half of your degree. As a part of this pilot program, you’ll have special recognition during this event.

Okay - I’m curious. How do I join? How do I learn more?

Complete this short form! We’ll be in touch soon.

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