Parent Advisory Committee - Nevada State College

Parent Advisory Committee


  • Encourage their children to develop a reading habit.
  • Provide their children with appropriate reading and writing materials.
  • Take an interest in their children’s schoolwork and activities.
  • Designate a workplace for their children
  • Communicate with their children’s teachers
  • Play games that help their children read and practice basic math facts and computations.
  • Visit locations such as parks, museums, zoos, colleges and universities, and local landmarks with their children.
  • Make learning relevant.
  • Talk to and listen to their children every day.

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) began as a mandated component of the UB Program. The Federal Government felt the PAC was critical and important to the success of its’ students. Thus, the PAC is an integral part of our program.

The objective of the PAC is to support the philosophy and goals of UB. Understanding the goals and objectives of UB is necessary to assure the overall success of the program. This has been demonstrated through an active parent organization that has supported program activities for the past thirty years. The board has the potential of having good leadership and support that can greatly supplement the programs activities through fundraising, lobbying, parent workshops, and recognition programs.

The PAC advises the program on issues such as raising funds and assists in many other activities. Parents generally participate as chaperones for students on field trips; sponsor events; support UB activities such as the annual College Tour as well as participate in workshops relative to their own needs and interests. Severe budget cuts have made it necessary for our PAC to assist in UB fundraising activities which supplement the program.

To assure consistent communication and support, the PAC requires participating parents to attend monthly meetings which are generally held the third Saturday of each month.

PAC requires participating parents to:

  • Serve the PAC in some capacity throughout year;
  • Support all PAC sponsored fund-raisers;
  • Serve as chaperones on field trips;
  • Attend Parent Training Seminars.
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