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Nevada State College is committed to protecting the environment and reducing our dependence on nonrenewable energy sources. We strive to BE RESPONSIBLE by constructing, maintaining, and renovating our buildings in a manner that is both environmentally sensitive and economically feasible. Our campus master plan provides the framework for ongoing expansion so the community will continue to enjoy and effectively use our thoughtful, low-impact spaces for years to come.

Solar Power

With a 205-kilowatt solar array on campus, we apply Nevada’s abundant solar resource to augment our power needs while providing hands-on experience to environmental science students who monitor the output and learn to BE ENERGY-CONSCIOUS.

Solar Panels

Vegetable Gardens

Our campus garden farm enables students to BE NOURISHED by an integrated lab and fieldwork experience growing and maintaining vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, and composters. Harvested ingredients are sourced to our Scorpion Café and served!

Eco-friendly Library

We are proud to BE DIGITAL and showcase our eco-friendly Marydean Martin Library! As the first “bookless” academic library in the state, the engaged staff focuses on improving outcomes for our largely first-generation, diverse, and underrepresented student population.

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