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Office Information

  • Rogers Student Center | 2nd Floor
  • 702.992.2990
  • Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am-6:30 pm Fridays: 9:00 am-5:00 pm Saturdays: 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Click on the video above for a quick tutorial on how to book an appointment with the Academic Success Center.

Can’t find an NSC Tutor for the subject or time you need? Watch the above video for steps on accessing supplemental tutoring through Smarthinking

BE DETERMINED. Nevada State’s Academic Success Center (ASC) offers you a range of services including free one-on-one and group tutoring sessions where you can review and practice course concepts and relevant study/test taking strategies with trained peer tutors.

Tutoring improves your academic performance and your retention of information. Nevada State students who utilize tutoring earn significantly higher overall GPAs, academic standing, and retention/graduation rates. Nevada State College offers tutoring as a unique and individualized learning experience that can bolster your academic pursuits while fostering personal growth. Tutoring encourages a higher level of thinking and helps you become an independent learner positioned to be in charge of your own learning process.

BE EMPOWERED. Drop in the ASC for assistance or book an appointment online at and start embracing greater academic success today!

Additional Services

The ASC offers structured study sessions (supplemental instruction) for specific courses as well as academic workshops on study strategies, self-regulated learning, and standardized test prep for the Praxis Core Math and TEAS exams.

To complement our in-person services, we encourage you to take advantage of Smarthinking Online Tutoring (available 24/7 for most subjects). Smarthinking allows students to connect on demand with an expert tutor for a live drop-in session 24 hours a day, schedule an appointment in advance, submit writing for detailed review, or ask a question offline. Smarthinking does not require any special software installation or equipment. NSC students can access this amazing resource from any Canvas course home page.

Android and iOS apps are available so students can sign in from their mobile devices.

NOTE: This service is free to NSC students. All students are allotted an initial 10-15 hours of online tutoring for the year. If a student maxes out their 10-15 hours, they can contact the Academic Success Center to request more time.

To Access Smarthinking:

  1. Sign into Canvas and select one of your enrolled courses.
    a. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome and be sure to remove/allow any pop-up blockers in your web browser.
  2. Once in the course home page click on the Smarthinking Online Tutoring option in the course menu.
    a. If for some reason the Smarthinking menu option is not available in the course menu, choose another course.
    b. If the Smarthinking menu option is not showing in your course, talk to your instructor as they can edit the navigation settings to ensure it is active.
  3. For tips on how to use Smarthinking or prepare for an online tutoring session watch the Smarthinking Video Tutorials.
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