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Office Information

  • Raker Student Success Building
    Office #250

    Physical Location
    1202 High Tech Circle
    Henderson, NV 89002

    Campus Address
    1300 Nevada State Drive
    Henderson, NV 89002
  • 702.992.2160
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments: Monday 10AM-4PM, Tuesday through Friday 9AM-4PM


The Academic Advising Center works collaboratively with students to develop achievable educational and career plans through a commitment and understanding of the Nevada State College curriculum. Academic Advisors empower students to take ownership of their degree while working together to create a realistic pathway to graduation.  - Academic Advising Center Mission Statement   For more information about the Academic Advising Center, including what guides our vision for Nevada State Advising, Student Learning Outcomes, Advisor/Advisee Responsibilities, and the Global Values of Advising Practices, please review our 2018-2019 Advising Syllabus.  


The Academic Advising Center is a dedicated team of Advisors committed to your academic success at NSC. By providing the right advice and guidance, we help students meet their educational and personal objectives. Academic Advisors work with all students who need assistance navigating their time at Nevada State. Any student who has earned less than 60 credits will be assigned to an advising "team" based on your declared major. NSC operates under a 60+ advising model. If you have earned more than 60 credits, you will be advised by a faculty advisor from the College which you are majoring in. We recommend scheduling in-person visits to maximize our impact and your time. Phone appointments are also an option, but must be scheduled in advance during our regular appointment times. Call us today at 702.992.2160 to start or continue the conversation about your path to a fulfilling future!


Appointments are available Monday 10AM-4PM, Tuesday through Friday 9AM-4PM. The Academic Advising Center strives to ensure that after you’ve completed your degree at Nevada State, you’ll be prepared to succeed in your career, in graduate school, or to whatever new heights your road ahead takes you!


How Can We Help?


The Academic Advising Center strives to support students navigate the college so they can reach their academic goals. Here are a few reasons why you might want to make an appointment to see an academic advisor.
  • Need help understanding requirements to finish your degree
  • Remove holds including Advising, Praxis, Remedial Math, Probation, and Suspension holds.
  • Complete student forms (Financial Aid Eligible Credit Review)
  • Explanation of NSC academic policies and regulations
  • Apply for NSHE Foster Youth Fee Waiver Program and continuing eligibility
  • Discuss Math Placement via NSC's EdReady program
  • Have questions about majors and minors
  • Assistance with registration
  • Help in the creation of an academic plan towards graduation
  • Have academic difficulties
  • Want to prepare for the application process to nursing, teaching, speech pathology, or interdisciplinary studies
  • Need help reading your Academic Requirements (Degree Audit)
  • Feel confused, overwhelmed, or generally are unsure about what you should be doing
  • Help setting goals and creating action plans


Check out the new Scorpion Scheduler tool. For more information, click here.

Find out how to enroll in classes using the steps below. Before you enroll, check:
  1. Before classes begin: On your assigned enrollment day, enroll in classes any time on or after your appointment.
    1. Go to myNSC
    2. Choose your institution and registration term
    3. Enroll in classes you want to take
  2. Wait list any full classes
    1. If you can’t get into a class you want, myNSC lets you either enroll in another section of the same class or wait list it.
    2. See waitlist tips.
    3. For additional information regarding wait listing, please click here.
  3. View your class confirmation(s)
    1. On myNSC, you’ll see a confirmation after each class you enroll in, including any that you wait listed.


Advising Populations and Degree Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Benjamin Franklin

Each school has created degree planning tools to help students plan their way to graduation. Advisors are here to help advise you along the way. While Advisors will not choose classes for you or enroll you into classes, we are more than happy to offer suggestions, give you insight, and help you understand how to use these tools to stay on track towards the completion of your degree.

Most majors/programs have degree worksheets that list requirements to complete the program. Some requirements have prescribed or specific courses that you have to take, while other requirements provide a list of options. You may find the 2018-19 degree sheets located at the Academic Advising Center, if you need prior catalog years, please visit with your Academic Advisor.

For more information about the programs offered at NSC, please visit the Academics homepage, or click below for more in-depth information about select programs:


Registration Holds


Students often must complete required steps prior to registration for any subsequent semester. These requirements are enforced through a Registration Hold placed onto your student account. Each hold briefly explains what is required prior to registration. The follow are common holds managed through your Academic Advisor:
  • Advising Hold - Regular interactions with an Academic Advisor has proven to increase graduation rates and satisfaction with a students' college experience. Because of this, NSC requires all students who have earned less than 60 credits, and/or all Pre-Education and Pre-Speech Pathology students meet with an Advisor prior to registration each semester. Please plan to meet with your Advisor after March 1st/October 1st each semester prior to registration.
  • Academic Standing Hold - If a student fails to maintain minimum academic GPA requirements, they may be placed on Warning, Probation, Suspension or be dismissed from NSC. In the event a student has been placed on Probation or Suspension, the student will be required to meet with an advisor prior to registration for their next semester. The student must subsequently meet with an advisor each semester until they return to Good Academic Standing.
  • Remedial Math Hold - All degree-seeking students who place into developmental/remedial course work must complete the required remediation prior to completion of 30 college-level credits. If a student fails to complete Math 120/126 prior to the completion of 30 college level-credits, a Remedial Math hold will be placed on their account. The student may petition a 15-credit extension with their Academic Advisor if they wish to continue to register for classes.
  • Praxis Hold - All Pre-Education and Pre-Speech Pathology students must pass the Praxis Core/CBEST prior to the completion of 60 credits. If the pre-major has not completed the Praxis Core/CBEST upon the completion of 60 credits, a hold will be placed upon their enrollment status. The pre-major student will be required to meet with their academic advisor. The student will be required to either complete the examination or petition with the Academic Advising Center for a 30 credit extension. If the 30 credit extension is approved, at the completion of 90 credits, the pre-major student will be restricted from taking any additional courses until the Praxis Core/CBEST is completed and/or the student changes their declared major.
  • New Student Orientation/First-Year Hold(s) - As a first-year student at Nevada State College, all incoming freshman are required to attend New Student Orientation. At Orientation, you will be given a block schedule of courses for your first semester. If you wish to make any changes to your schedule after orientation, you will be required to meet with an Academic Advisor.
To remove any of these holds you must schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor. To schedule this appointment, contact our office.



NSC EDREADY PROGRAM EdReady is a free learning platform that motivated students can use to fill in the gaps in their math knowledge. EdReady contains videos and learning materials to help you learn the content that you would normally learn by taking Math 95M at NSC. Students who would like to improve their placement from the Accuplacer test can work through EdReady to place into a higher class. (In the long run we would like to phase out the Accuplacer test altogether and replace it with EdReady.) For more information on EdReady, please visit the EdReady information page.

EdReady is a self-paced software which takes an average of 18-20 hours to complete. All scores must be submitted by a priority deadline of 7 days prior to the start of the semester. While we will accept scores beyond this date, we cannot guarantee they will be processed before the semester begins.

Scores will only be accepted ONCE a semester unless the placement has changes (i.e. 96/120 vs 120 or 120 vs 126).

Please allow 2-3 business days for score verification and processing.



Attending college is a momentous occasion in your life. We recognize that this time can be fun and exciting but is also a bit scary. The New Student Orientation (NSO) program is designed to assist you with the transition process from high school to college. The Scorpion Way is the theme for Orientation, but what is the Scorpion Way and why does it matter? The Scorpion Way is both a guide for how students can successfully transition to NSC and the personality which strengthens everything we do at NSC. Determination, grit, and an individuals resolve all lead towards student success. That is the Scorpion Way, that is the makeup or DNA of every NSC student. The New Student Orientation is the first building block to develop the traits necessary to be successful at NSC and in college. For more information on Nevada State's Orientation Program, please click here.



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