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Biology (BS)

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Degree Outcomes

  • Develop scientific literacy.
  • Develop proficiency with the tools of modern science.
  • Appreciate the vast, interconnected biodiversity of life on earth.
  • Understand the cell as a fundamental unit of life.
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Biology- Where knowledge comes to life!

A BS in Biology will prepare you for a diversity of exciting careers in medicine, healthcare, cell and molecular biology, ecology, bioinformatics, and more.  Our well-rounded curriculum includes courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, and biology that will prepare you for the MCAT, dental school, pharmacy school, veterinary school, graduate programs, or career opportunities in industry, non-profit organizations, or the government.  Choose your own electives or complete a 16-credit concentration in Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, or Ecology and Evolution.
You will benefit from our small class sizes and have the opportunity to work closely with our innovative faculty as you develop knowledge and skills and receive training in modern laboratory and field techniques utilizing our state-of-the-art scientific instruments.  Take advantage of our numerous undergraduate research opportunities, including paid summer programs, internships, and independent study projects!

Picture of students in classroom; some students holding up x-rays in light to look at them closer
In the classroom...
Picture of pre-nursing students leaning in talking to nursing professor in cadaver lab the lab...
Students and professor working outside in nature
...and in the field!

Post-graduate Opportunities

Our Biology alumni have gone on to post-graduate programs in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary programs,  MD/PhD programs, graduate programs in public health, medicinal chemistry, cell and molecular biology, ecology and evolution, and many more.  Other alumni are working as laboratory technicians, wildlife biologists, consultants, and healthcare professionals in the public and private sector.
Our faculty are available and excited to meet with you to individually advise you and help you prepare for your post-graduate opportunities and careers.




Example Coursework

The curriculum for the BS in Biology will provide you with the knowledge and skills to succeed by offering hands-on opportunities with cutting edge instrumentation, research experience in the classroom, field trips, and the ability to work closely with our amazing faculty.
Example classes include:

  • Cell Processes (BIOL 209)- Explore the intricate inner workings of the cell with Dr. Samantha Jewell.
  • Principles of Genetics (BIOL 300)- Hone your laboratory skills as you collaborate with Dr. Kayla Bieser on a national research project that uses gene mapping and bioinformatics to characterize fruit fly mutations.
  • Ornithology (BIOL 441)- Learn about the ecology and evolution of birds as you explore the Las Vegas Wash, Red Rock Canyon, and Mount Charleston with Dr. Bryan Sigel.
  • Mammalian Physiology (BIOL 440/448)- Gain practical experience in one of NSC's two cadaver labs as you learn how organ systems function with Dr. Vu Duong.
  • Limnology (BIOL 472/472L)- Get your feet wet with Dr. Jennifer Edmonds in Lake Mead and the Colorado River investigating water quality and its impact on freshwater ecosystems.
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