Creative Writing Minor - Nevada State College

Creative Writing Minor

Nevada State College

Degree Outcomes

  • Develop skills in creating and revising poetry and creative prose
  • Describe, evaluate, and critique student-produced texts in the workshop setting
  • Analyze craft elements in a variety of modern and contemporary works of creative writing
  • Analyze creative works within cultural, social, and political contexts
  • Demonstrate understanding of various literary-publishing practices
  • Demonstrate heightened critical reading, listening, thinking, writing, and literary analysis skills
  • Increase confidence in public speaking/performance with a special attention to sonic and narrative qualities

The study of creative writing is not only for those aspiring to be English majors, professional authors, poets, literary critics, editors, or publishers.  The writers you love to read have come from many different professions. Harriet Jacobs was a noted abolitionist, William Carlos Williams and Robert Frost were both doctors, Octavia Butler worked in sales, and Margaret Atwood is the founder of a robotics technology company. The creative writing minor at Nevada State offers opportunities in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction and is designed to teach you how to tell the stories you have always dreamed of writing, no matter the career path you choose.

Students in this minor will receive top-notch education and mentorship by experts who are actively publishing in the literary field and who love to teach so that you can advance your skills with an emphasis on the craft of verse and narrative, the study of exemplary works, and the production, performance, and publication of original poems and stories. The work completed through this minor also builds confidence, improves critical thinking, cultivates communication skills, explores the human condition, and enhances professional writing abilities.

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