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Data Science Minor

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  • Computer programming and algorithm development
  • Data structures
  • Obtaining, cleaning, and manipulating large data sets
  • Exploring data using the tools of statistics
  • Data visualization and graphics
  • Reproducible research
  • Probability distributions
  • Estimation
  • Research methods
  • Hypothesis generation and testing
  • Application of subject matter knowledge to data-based problems
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The Interdisciplinary Data Science Minor is intended to offer student a path to gain real-world skills in handling and understanding data. This minor encompasses three primary areas: (1) Hacking Skills – computer science, programming skills, algorithm development, and database management; (2) Math & Statistics Knowledge – numeracy, data in context, probability distributions, sampling, and experimental design; and (3) Substantive Expertise – subject-matter knowledge in an area outside of computer science and statistics, hypothesis/question development, and research methods.

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