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Embedded Peer Support

Course Assistants and Supplemental Instruction Leaders

Many of our classes feature an embedded peer support specialist – a student who helps other students succeed in the class and manage the challenges that college can offer. These specialists have both content expertise and training in how to serve as a mentor. Currently, there are two kinds of embedded peer support specialists: Course Assistants (CAs) and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders. Both positions are committed to helping you progress in your college journey, and both are guided by our Academic Success Center (ASC).

Tutor guiding student learning at a desk using a small white board as a teaching tool for geometry

Course Assistants

Our Course Assistant Program partners highly-trained students (we call Course Assistants) with engaged faculty to support you early in your college journey. Course Assistants attend classes, help with group work, and lead study sessions. Our data shows that students who take a course with a Course Assistant have improved grades and an increased chance of graduating. However, Course Assistants do much more. They can help you:

  • Improve your study habits;
  • Navigate a work/school/family balance;
  • Connect with student organizations;
  • Take on a leadership role on campus;
  • Select classes for upcoming semesters;
  • Use the resources NSC has available for all students.
Two students working on laptop together

Supplemental Instruction

Similar to the Course Assistant Program, our Supplemental Instruction Leaders are experienced students who facilitate study sessions for specific classes, typically in math and science. These sessions do more than help you learn class content – they teach you about the science of learning and the best ways to foster a growth mindset.

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