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Classified Dependent Grant-in-Aid Policy (HR 2)

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    HR 2
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This policy provides the framework and procedures for the Nevada State College Classified Dependent Grant-in-Aid benefit.


Spouse: Any individual lawfully married to another individual.

Domestic Partner: Any individual so registered with the Office of the Secretary of the State of Nevada.

Financially Dependent Child: A natural, adopted, or step child of a classified staff member who is not financially independent, is claimed as an exemption for federal income tax purposes under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 152), and has not attained the age of 24. The classified staff member must attest to a dependency each time a grant-in-aid benefit is issued.  Financially Dependent children of a registered Domestic Partner are also eligible. For qualified dependent children who have served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces, the age limitation will be extended for a period of such active service, but not to exceed six (6) years.

Qualifying Classified Employment: Benefit-eligible Classified Staff appointment with an FTE at .50 or higher.


I. Benefit Overview

The Nevada State College Classified Dependent Grant-in-Aid program establishes a tuition assistance benefit in which qualified dependents of Nevada State College classified staff will receive reduced base registration fees for undergraduate courses.

Under this policy, qualified dependents shall refer only to Spouses or Domestic Partners and Financially Dependent Children. Classified employees must attest to dependency for each tuition reduction request and Nevada State College may at any time request proof of dependent eligibility for verification purposes.

II. Program Eligibility

Dependents of Qualifying Classified Employees must apply for the grant-in-Aaid benefit each academic term and are subject to the following limitations and requirements:

A. Limitations and Course of Study

B. Maintenance of Award Eligibility

III. Procedure for Requesting Benefit

Requests for benefit shall be processed and approved via the following process:

A. Submission of the Classified Dependent Grant-in-Aid Request Form

B. Course Registration and Payment


Classified Dependent Grant-in-Aid Request Form


Approved by Kevin Butler, Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration
Approved by President Bart Patterson.

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