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Continuous Enrollment Policy for Undergraduate Students (AE 17)

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    Continuous Enrollment Policy for Undergraduate Students
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    Alex Kunkle
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    AE 17
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This policy outlines compliance with the NSHE Continuous Enrollment Policy (NSHE Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 1.2). Within the first two Full-length Academic Semesters following initial enrollment, all degree-seeking students must be enrolled in a college-level or co-requisite gateway English and mathematics course or the equivalent for a certificate program (e.g. embedded curriculum) until the institutional Core Math and English requirements are completed.


Core Math and English: Defined as completion of MATH 120/120E or MATH 126/126E and ENG 102 or above.

Full-length Academic Semester: For the purposes of this policy, fall and spring semesters, not including accelerated terms.

Student Center: A student’s myNSC account, which provides access to the student’s course history and current course registrations.


I. Initial Enrollment

A. Placement: Refer to the Placement Testing Policy (AE 14) for information on how students are placed into the appropriate math and English composition courses.

B. First-Year Student Block Schedule: All incoming first-year students entering in the fall semester are required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO) prior to enrollment. At NSO, the Academic Advising Center (AAC) will administratively block students into fall courses. Based on course availability and students’ individual placements, students will be enrolled in English or Math courses as necessary to meet Core Math and English requirements.

C. Transfer Students: All incoming transfer students will be required to self-register for the appropriate Math/English based on their placement scores or prior earned credit.


II. Continuing Student Enrollment

Any student not blocked into Core Math and English for their first semester shall be required to enroll in the required Core Math and English courses by the end of their second semester or prior to the completion of thirty (30) NSC credits.


III. Drop Consent

Effective Fall 2022, MATH 120/120E, MATH 126/126E, and ENG 100, 101, 116, and 102 will require advisor approval prior to a student dropping or withdrawing from the course.

Students approved to drop one of these courses must acknowledge the following statement via an online link provided by the Academic Advising Center:

Based upon NSHE policy Title 4, Chapter 16, Section 1.2, within the first two regular academic semesters following initial enrollment, all degree-seeking students must be enrolled in a college-level or corequisite gateway English and [/or] mathematics course or the equivalent for a certificate program (e.g. embedded curriculum) until the institutional core curriculum English and mathematics requirements are completed.

This petition is required to be completed by those who wish to drop Math or English coursework within their first 30 academic credits. It is the responsibility of the student to remain compliant with enrollment requirements, and failure to complete required math and English coursework may result in a compliance hold being placed on your student account. This hold would prevent future registration outside of math or English until the requirement has been met.

By typing your full name below you acknowledge that you understand that math and English are required courses to be completed through the minimum core requirement before the completion of 30 credits, and by dropping this course you risk future registration until this requirement is met.

Once drop consent is granted, the student shall be responsible for self-dropping the course(s); courses will not be administratively dropped. Students who fail to self-drop the course within their Student Center will remain enrolled in the course and will be responsible for any charges and final course grades for the course.

IV. Registration Holds

Students who have not enrolled in their Core Math and English prior to the completion of thirty (30) NSC credits shall have a hold placed on their account preventing future registration.


V. Extension Petitions

Students may petition for a one-semester extension by completing the Continuous Enrollment Petition Form with the Academic Advising Center. Those students approved for a one-semester extension must enroll in their identified section of the required Core Math and English courses.

A. Students who wish to drop either Core Math or Core English during this petition period will be required to receive drop consent from their Academic Advisor.

B. Students who do not successfully complete Core Math and/or English in their petitioned semester shall be restricted from taking courses at NSC until Core Math and English have been completed.

    1. Students shall be allowed to take Core Math and English during this restriction period via administrative enrollment. No other courses will be allowed during this period.


Continuous Enrollment Petition Form



Approved by Provost Vickie Shields, May 15, 2022.
Approved by President DeRionne Pollard, July 5, 2022.

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