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Our Culture

Through a diverse community, the arts, education, and our environment, NSC focuses on excellence to help foster new opportunities.


The following information is intended to help you understand our health insurance options, our mandatory retirement plan, and the voluntary supplemental benefits plans that we offer.

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Medical, Dental, & Vision Care

We offer three health care coverage from a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) high deductible plan, a PPO low deductible plan, and a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan.

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Retirement Plans

Nevada State matches the employees’ 15.50% mandatory contributions toward retirement.

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Life Insurance

$15,000 basic life insurance is included with your health plan, and there are several options to choose from if you would like to purchase additional coverage.

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Annual & Sick Leave

Nevada State offers an appealing annual and sick leave package.

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Competitive Pay

Nevada State strives to attract, inspire and retain top notch faculty and staff as well as meet the diverse needs of our educational community with well-designed and competitive compensation packages.

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Educational Benefits

Tuition assistance at NSHE (Nevada State Higher Education) institutions is available for both employees and their dependents. Employees may take up to 6 credits per semester and dependents may take unlimited credits.

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Free Assistance Program

Nevada State College is committed to providing a healthy and supportive work environment for all of its employees. To facilitate this, all employees of NSC have access to a free Employee Assistance Program offered through ComPsych. You can find more information regarding the EAP on our EAP page.

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NSC hosts events at our campus for our students and employees such as, Karaoke Night, the Annual Mount Scorpion Hike, and Bowling with Bart (our super cool President). We believe in working hard but also taking some time out to have some fun.

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To express appreciation for the valuable service Nevada State College employees provide, we provide information on various companies offering discounts on goods and services to current Nevada State College employees.

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NSC seeks to promote a campus culture that values diversity in all its forms, through inclusive dialogues, experiences and appreciation and value of others to leverage people as a source of collective learning, campus unity, and institutional strength.

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