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10.17.12 | Campus News

Nevada State College and 360Brandvision to enhance technology and learning experience for students

First cooperative project to be revealed during College’s Oct. 19 gala
By Mandi Enger
Furthering its longstanding commitment to improving student success through technological innovation, Nevada State College (NSC) has joined forces with Las Vegas-based holographic media company, 360BrandVision, in order to develop an educational platform that will enhance the learning experience of NSC students.
A minority-owned business that opened in Las Vegas five years ago, 360BrandVision has developed proprietary holographic and interactive display systems used at events, exhibits and entertainment venues. Now, 360BrandVision and NSC will collaborate to bring the cutting-edge holographic technology into college classrooms next year, for the first time anywhere in the nation.
The technology will take what would have been 2D images, something in print format or a regular computer monitor, and create 3D holograms, said Andy Kuniyuki, dean of NSC’s school of liberal arts & sciences. The relationship between all components of the image will be more vividly shown by the hologram; vastly improving how students experience and learn about different concepts.
For example, with the new technology a biology student will be able to dynamically explore the double helix structure of DNA, a math student a geometric shape, and a history student the location of historical events on the globe, with a complete, 360-degree view. The technology will also have significant applications in NSC’s nursing and teaching programs.
Our objective in working with 360BrandVision is to see measurable improvements in the learning outcomes of our students by including new technologies into the classroom, said NSC President Bart Patterson. In time, we see 360BrandVision and NSC becoming industry leaders in educational technology development and classroom applications.
With the initial launch next year, select classrooms will be outfitted with 46-inch glass monitors to display the images. Moving forward, the technology is planned to extend into online courses as well as on tablets and mobile phones for individual student use, with the ultimate objective of creative interactivity between the student and holographic imagery.
At 360BrandVision, we are focused on creating amazing viewing experiences, said Ruben Moreno, president and CEO of 360BrandVision. Our goal is to allow everyone to experience the wonder of our holographic images, and our work with Nevada State College helps us embrace this commitment. Creative and passionate young minds will help us envision new holographic experiences, while faculty expertise can ensure that Nevada continues to demonstrate leadership in this exciting new technology.”
NSC and 360BrandVision will unveil their first joint project during the college’s 10th Anniversary Gala on Oct. 19, with the holographic reveal of two new proposed campus buildings.

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