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12.10.09 | Campus News | School of Liberal arts & Sciences

Thank You Dr. Kebret Kebede

NSC prides itself as being an institution of higher learning with engaging and caring professors. An NSC student recently shared her gratitude for Dr. Kebret Kebede, Assistant Professor of Biology , following a fall 2009 semester class. The contents of that email are as follows:

Subject: THANK YOU!
From: Sarah
To: Kebret Kebede
Dr. Kebede,
With the semester now being officially over, I just wanted to say thank you. You are a wonderful instructor and I have really been inspired during your class. The knowledge you have is amazing, but even more so, your patience as an instructor astonishes me.
I have two BA degrees and decided to change my focus to nursing, which is what brought me to NSC. During my entire college career I have never had the opportunity to encounter an instructor with such a demeanor such as yourself. You respect ALL of your students, welcome our off-the-wall questions, and extend each and every one of us the opportunity to succeed.
I believe that although I may not be the best of test-takers, and certainly not the best of speakers, I can leave your class assured that I have learned something.
I appreciate all of the time and effort you have spent to make this class a successful endeavor for all of us. It is not often that students find an instructor of your magnitude, and I am fortunate I have had the opportunity to experience a class with you.
Thank you again for your support and guidance this semester!

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