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Pre-Professional Nursing at NSC

So You Want To Be A Nurse?

At Nevada State College, students who declare a "Pre-Nursing" course of study, with the intention to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are admitted to NSC as an Interdisciplinary Studies Major. This major allows students to pursue the prerequisites required for admission into the School of Nursing, while simultaneously keeping you on a four-year Interdisciplinary Studies degree plan in the event you are unable to gain admission into the School of Nursing or decide to pursue an alternative degree. This page is designed to provide you all the information you may need as you begin your undergraduate pursuit of a career in Nursing. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend speaking with the School of Nursing or visiting their homepage here.

What Is Interdisciplinary Studies?

A major in interdisciplinary studies provides you with a flexible degree specifically oriented to your career goals. At Nevada State College, an interdisciplinary studies degree consists of two primary components - A Concentration in Health and Wellness, and a minor in Nursing Sciences. In the event a student opts to remain in the interdisciplinary studies program, following the completion of their nursing prerequisites, a student would have a limited number of courses remaining to complete their Bachelors Degree. Below, please find detailed degree sheets for both the Health and Wellness concentration and Nursing Sciences Minor.

What If I Only Want To Pursue Nursing?

Your goal is to be a nurse, and we want to help you achieve that goal! In the first three semesters of the Interdisciplinary Studies - Health and Wellness program you can satisfy all of the required curriculum to apply to the School of Nursing. The Pre-Nursing Guide below details the required curriculum, testing and admission ranking system for entry into the School of Nursing. As you will see in the guide 80% of your application ranking is based on your Program Specific Coursework. Using the Pre-Nursing Guide and the Program Specific GPA Calculator you can get an idea of what your current application score would be and what steps you would need to take to maintain or improve that score.  Pre-Nursing Guide + Program Specific GPA Calculator  

How Long Does The Nursing Program Take?

Once you have satisfied the Pre-Nursing requirements you will have two different tracks to choose to apply to in the School of Nursing:

In the School of Nursing (after Pre-Nursing) the calendar year is divided into three equal 15 week semesters. Both FT and PT students attend classes year round (Fall/Spring/Summer). For more information on the nursing tracks see the Pre-Nursing Guide on this page or visit the the School of Nursing web page here.  

How Much Does The Nursing Program Cost?

All students pay baseline registration, technology, and student success fees. In addition to these fees, all Nursing Courses (not applicable to the RN to BSN program) pay a Differential Fee in addition to their baseline fees. More information on registration and differential fees can be found here.

What If I Have Transfer Credits For Nursing?

If you have transfer credits from any other institutions the only way to know how many of your credits will transfer into Nevada State is to apply and have your official transcripts sent to us. The time frame for application processing is typically 3 - 5 weeks. This time frame starts when we have received official transcripts from all of your previous colleges and universities. Upon acceptance into Nevada State you will meet with your Pre-Nursing Advisor to review your transfer credits and your path to application to the School of Nursing. Once you have applied and requested your transcripts you can contact the Office of Admissions for a status update on your application. (702)992-2170  The majority of schools that we will accept credits from are listed on our Transfer Course Database. Search the school you are transferring credits from and then enter the course designation from your transcript - for example ENG 112. This will show you how that class transferred to NSC in the past. Using this in tandem with the course list contained in the Pre-Nursing Guide will allow you to perform your own unofficial credit evaluation and get an idea of what coursework will be likely to transfer into the program. If a specific course or school is not listed on the database this simply means that no one has previously attempted to transfer credits from that school or that particular course. It does not mean that NSC will not accept these credits. The database is unofficial.

If I Am Interested In Transferring, What's Next?

If you are currently attending an institution other than NSC, we have several Transfer Coordinators available to speak with you about the transfer process. Appointments can easily be made using our Online Scheduler. You will be prompted to create an account - it will only take a minute. Make sure to enter your NSHE ID if you have one (this is your student ID number from any state school in NV).  Once you've created your account you will be sent back to the main page. Go ahead and log in.

If you need any assistance with scheduling contact our Office of Recruitment at 702 992 2170.



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